Haute Frequence 4.1
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Jazzman - September 2002


Octopus - October 2002


« Haute Fréquence 4.1 is an instantaneous and interactive collective composition. » This introduction is enough to inscribe this project in the debate about jazz. For 43 minutes, cut into 12 oscillatory movements, the trumpet player Serge Adam, the guitarist Gilles Coronado and the pianist Marc Chalosse (associated with the videos of Eric Vernhes) call upon electronic tools, without using them as a simple sequence intended as a backdrop for their improvisation. The four musicians aren't new to the business. Serge Adam regularly improvises meetings at the Maroquinerie. With the record label Signature, Marc Chalosse has signed remixes of Antonin Artaud almost as highly explosive as the original work and participates in projects such as Toy Sun, Garnier, Galliano… Gilles Coronado has been digging his way for 10 years now with Urban Mood and Guillaume Orti, just to name a couple. Each one is a known expert on his instrument and not one has thrown himself blindly into a new connection. Picked up at the end of November at the Glaz'Art during the 3 days of the Hask festival, a major collective forum on the French scene, this CD perfectly masters what is at stake. The group elaborates on improvisatory procedures, unpublished and integrating prepared samples, released live, where each player reacts with short motives or drawn out phrases. If it's missing a bit of sensuality, it questions the present by creating a true original matter in space, far from the beaten paths of electro-jazz.
Jacques Denis

Serge Adam is one of the rare jazz trumpet players who has pledged allegiance to the technology fairy. The co-founder of numerous « transversal » projects (Polysons, Les Amants de Juliette…), he also leads the pack with Haute Fréquence (High Frequency), a meeting point between improvising soloists (Marc Chalosse and Gilles Coronado) and the video electroacoustician Eric Verhnes. His new album, 4,1 (Quoi de neuf docteur/Night and Day), recorded during a live performance, takes us into a breathtaking rythmic and atmospheric circuit, following the footsteps of « illbient » jazz pioneers such as Graham Haynes and Ben Neill. An electric shock treatment for French jazz!
Jazz notes - October 2002
Haute Fréquence 4.1 (High Frequency) is an electronic project performed in concert on November 29, 2001 at the Glaz'Art in Paris (a Hask festival). It's an instantaneous and interactive collective composition executed by Serge Adam (tpt), Eric Verhnes (electroacoustics) ; Marc Chalosse (keyboards and samplers), Gilles Coronado (electric guitar) and Djengo Hartlap (spatialisation). These different systems are used as an electronic extension, sending us into a whole new world. One must note that the projects of Serge Adam are always of a spectacular realm that one either loves or hates.